Georges Keikati

Chicago Condominiums, Mississauga

I have had the pleasure of serving on the board of directors for 3 years, and we have been working with CityTowers for a very long time. During my tenure, I am always amazed at the incredible service that George and his team provide to our building, and the support we feel with our current Property Managers is unmatched by other companies in the Greater Toronto Area. We are very thankful for CityTowers and their entire team for their help throughout the years.

Paul Christian

The Grange, Etobicoke

While I am President of a 300 unit Condominium, I speak for myself in saying that George and Natalie have been of enormous help to me. Hardworking, action-oriented, straightforward. I would highly recommend CityTowers for any size Condominium.

Ben Moore

The Fly Condominiums, Toronto

We have been working with CityTowers for the last couple of years.Their organization is hands on, with support from the top to the management office and backroom. Rose Reales, our manager, is very professional. She continually strives to improve our building.Any company can run a building when times are good. CityTowers stepped in and helped us manoeuvre back to the healthy position that we are in today.We have found that their best practices and improvements in one building, are carried forward to every building they manage.

Matt Henderson

Onyx Condominiums, Mississauga

In the 5+ years that CityTowers has managed our building, our reserve fund has been spotless, our budget has a healthy surplus, finances are organized to a “T”, our building is maintained to a high standard, and we obtained over $500,000 from Tarion, Government Incentives and Rebates, Hydro Incentives and Rebates, and more. You will not get this result with a run-of-the-mill 'caretaker' management company.They are the best thing to happen to Onyx Condos in Mississauga.

Tariq Ba’Aqeel

Solstice Condominiums, Mississauga

CityTowers has done a tremendous job of maintaining our building, and they have made several improvements throughout the pandemic to protect the residents in our community. Our team is thankful to be working with such incredible partners and keeping our building as one of the best places to live in the city.

Darcy Butler

Grand Park II, Mississauga

I have dealt with CityTowers for a number of years on our Board of Directors, and we have worked closely with them over this time. Throughout our relationship, they make us feel like we are a part of their team. We are advised on every decision, and we are consulted before any action is taken. We are very thankful to be in such great hands.