Condominium Management Services

Financial Condominium Services
Physical Assets Management
  • End-to-end oversight, hiring, training, and supervision of in-house personnel from Property Managers to Security and Cleaning Staff
  • Twenty-four (24) hour emergency response, monitoring, and service of building operations
  • Implementation and communication of building-wide fire safety instructions and emergency plans
  • Implementation of preventative maintenance and on-going operational support programs
  • Administration of monthly property inspections, reports, insurance, and valuation appraisals
Developer Consulting
Financial Management
  • Management of all financial processes, keeping the corporation’s books up to date
  • Development of the Annual Operational and the Reserve Fund budgets
  • Reconciliation of all banking and supporting documentation
  • Management and control of Reserve Fund Investments and cash flow
  • Processing of invoices and cheques, depositing funds electronically wherever possible
  • Collection and follow-up on maintenance fees and any arrears
Condo Rental Management GTA
Administrative Services
  • Coordination of monthly management reports, monthly board meetings, and Annual General Meetings
  • Consultation on corporation rules and complaints, changes to bylaws and regulations, and compliance with the most current Condominium Management Services Act
  • Management and maintenance of the registry and the communication of all owners and residents
  • Maintenance and preservation of all corporation records
  • Procurement and maintenance of the necessary insurance requirements for the corporation
Developer Consulting Services
  • Review of the site plan and other proposed documentation for the development of the condominium corporation
  • Proposal management from contractors and suppliers for services to the corporation
  • Develop initial draft budgets alongside the disclosure statements for the corporation
  • Preparation of monthly fee schedules for each unit owner in the corporation
  • Review of proposed statutory corporation documents and design drawings, and provide recommendations from a property manager’s perspective
  • Collection of research on utility consumption for the proposed development
  • Communication and participation in all meetings with other consultants as needed
Rental Management Services
  • Evaluation of the property and determination of an accurate rental rate
  • Marketing of the property to find suitable renters
  • Screening and selection of potential tenants
  • Providing the leasing agreement and ensuring the proper execution of this agreement with new tenants
  • Detailed inspection of property, prior to move-in, and verifying and obtaining sign-off from tenants
  • Collection of rent and security deposits
  • Management and consultation on legal matters and the handling of evictions, as needed
  • Maintenance and repairs of property, making payments on behalf of the owner, as needed
  • Communication with owners on relevant tax deductions related to their rental property
Additional Management Services
  • Impartial Chairman for the Annual General Meetings
  • Performance Audit and General Audit Assistance
  • Court-Appointed Administration
  • Accounting and Support for Self-Managed Communities
  • Virtual Management, On-Site and Off-Site Support
  • Review of Status Certificates

Intelligent Energy Management

With the ever-rising utility and energy bills, taking up roughly one-third of our clients’ operating budget, CityTowers has launched an Intelligent Energy Management Program to help mitigate these costs. For a typical high-rise building, the program includes: 

  • A review of the mechanical and electrical system design, installed conditions, maintenance practices, and operating methods
  • An evaluation of the building’s lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), hot water (DHW), and compressed air systems
  • A detailed analysis of the energy consumption in the building, energy intensities, seasonal variations in consumption, and effective energy benchmarking across the building
  • An evaluation of the building’s lighting, air quality, temperature, ventilation, humidity, and other conditions that may affect the energy performance and resident comfort
  • A complete review and analysis of the utility bills, summarizing the potential savings and economic viability, as well as detailing the budget costs associated with proposed projects

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