Condominium Management Services

Financial Condominium Services
Physical Assets Management
  • End-to-end oversight, hiring, training, and supervision of in-house personnel from Property Managers to Security and Cleaning Staff
  • Twenty-four (24) hour emergency response, monitoring, and service of building operations
  • Implementation and communication of building-wide fire safety instructions and emergency plans
  • Implementation of preventative maintenance and on-going operational support programs
  • Administration of monthly property inspections, reports, insurance, and valuation appraisals
Developer Consulting
Financial Management
  • Management of all financial processes, keeping the corporation’s books up to date
  • Development of the Annual Operational and the Reserve Fund budgets
  • Reconciliation of all banking and supporting documentation
  • Management and control of Reserve Fund Investments and cash flow
  • Processing of invoices and cheques, depositing funds electronically wherever possible
  • Collection and follow-up on maintenance fees and any arrears
Condo Rental Management GTA
Administrative Services
  • Coordination of monthly management reports, monthly board meetings, and Annual General Meetings
  • Consultation on corporation rules and complaints, changes to bylaws and regulations, and compliance with the most current Condominium Management Services Act
  • Management and maintenance of the registry and the communication of all owners and residents
  • Maintenance and preservation of all corporation records
  • Procurement and maintenance of the necessary insurance requirements for the corporation
Developer Consulting Services
  • Review of the site plan and other proposed documentation for the development of the condominium corporation
  • Proposal management from contractors and suppliers for services to the corporation
  • Develop initial draft budgets alongside the disclosure statements for the corporation
  • Preparation of monthly fee schedules for each unit owner in the corporation
  • Review of proposed statutory corporation documents and design drawings, and provide recommendations from a property manager’s perspective
  • Collection of research on utility consumption for the proposed development
  • Communication and participation in all meetings with other consultants as needed
Rental Management Services
  • Evaluation of the property and determination of an accurate rental rate
  • Marketing of the property to find suitable renters
  • Screening and selection of potential tenants
  • Providing the leasing agreement and ensuring the proper execution of this agreement with new tenants
  • Detailed inspection of property, prior to move-in, and verifying and obtaining sign-off from tenants
  • Collection of rent and security deposits
  • Management and consultation on legal matters and the handling of evictions, as needed
  • Maintenance and repairs of property, making payments on behalf of the owner, as needed
  • Communication with owners on relevant tax deductions related to their rental property
Condominium Management Services
Additional Management Services
  • Impartial Chairman for the Annual General Meetings
  • Performance Audit and General Audit Assistance
  • Court-Appointed Administration
  • Accounting and Support for Self-Managed Communities
  • Virtual Management, On-Site and Off-Site Support
  • Review of Status Certificates

Intelligent Energy Management

With the ever-rising utility and energy bills, taking up roughly one-third of our clients’ operating budget, CityTowers has launched an Intelligent Energy Management Program to help mitigate these costs. For a typical high-rise building, the program includes: 

  • A review of the mechanical and electrical system design, installed conditions, maintenance practices, and operating methods
  • An evaluation of the building’s lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), hot water (DHW), and compressed air systems
  • A detailed analysis of the energy consumption in the building, energy intensities, seasonal variations in consumption, and effective energy benchmarking across the building
  • An evaluation of the building’s lighting, air quality, temperature, ventilation, humidity, and other conditions that may affect the energy performance and resident comfort
  • A complete review and analysis of the utility bills, summarizing the potential savings and economic viability, as well as detailing the budget costs associated with proposed projects

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Why CityTowers

The height of our excellence is visible from any tower in Mississauga. Our Management Portfolio includes a variety of large, medium, and small-sized developments, and it includes the second highest tower in the city. We provide reliable and consistent property management services to all of our properties. We are constantly looking for innovative and cost-effective approaches to put them to your service and keep budget increases to a minimum.
It takes a team of experts behind the scenes, equipped with the right resources, tools, and the latest technology to provide your property manager with the right resources to keep your condominium running effectively. You are constantly supported by our team. This includes 24/7 emergency response, support in the realms of financial reporting and management, payables processing, correspondence with owners regarding charge backs, arrears collections, lien processing, payment processing, issuance of status certificates, and much more.
Our condominium services are structured to have open and timely communication with owners and residents. We pride ourselves on having the most up-to-date technology and software in order to achieve this. We partner with to develop CityTowers Connect, an extensive condominium communication tool for all the stakeholders in the condominium framework. This on-going and reliable communication strategy enables us to provide the best service possible.
We are constantly researching and integrating the latest technology to maximize our potential as managing agents of your property. This concerted effort to utilize the most advanced software systems for accounting, property management, and community management has been vital in enabling the rapid expansion of our portfolio. We have equipped ourselves with the latest tools and software to provide you with the most cost-effective and innovative solutions. With every project, we are constantly researching and integrating the latest expertise for improved efficiency.
With ever-rising utility bills taking up to one-third of our clients’ operating budget, we launched an “Intelligent Energy Management Program” in every building that we manage; in fact, we partnered with several energy-saving companies to provide top-notch energy management options to our clients. We offer a complimentary Comprehensive Energy Audit that will identify every aspect that the board can consider to maximize the building’s energy efficiency.
You can rest assured that we will go to great lengths to find the right staff members for your community. We take the personnel hiring process seriously and provide our employees with the tools, knowledge, and skills to excel at all aspects of condominium management. Our staff will provide you with best-in-class service so you will be happy with your condominium living experience; our hiring philosophy starts by listening to what you have to say, understanding your community, and delivering upon your expectations.
All of our property managers are licensed as per CAO and CMRAO requirements. We are proud to have a variety of great managers on our team. Not only do we support these managers with obtaining and maintaining their licencing, but we also provide all of our staff with the opportunity to develop their professional skills. Whether it is by inviting industry speakers to our offices or holding regularly holding educational seminars for our staff, we are always searching for a way to take our management expertise to the next level.
We view the financial aspects of its management program to be a vital ingredient in properly managing your real estate assets. We use a Canadian-based financial management software called “CondoManager” and it empowers us to automate and streamline all of the financial processes associated with your community. We pride ourselves on our control of your finances, and by achieving unparalleled audits, you can rest assured that your investment is in great hands.
Preventative maintenance for condominiums is key to long-term financial success. Our managers go the extra mile to prepare all on-site staff for emergency situations, in an attempt to mitigate the problems before they occur. Our team conducts frequent property inspections, and prepares a comprehensive list of all fire safety, plumbing, electrical, elevator, or security issues for your board to review. Our unmatched seasonal preparation and preventative maintenance of your building means that your property is primed for any situation.
We operate with transparency in mind; our clients are our most valued assets. Since we manage in this manner, we have been able to foster a variety of very successful business partnerships with many contractors in the industry. Our strong relationships allow us to ensure that our partners are performing to your expectations, and our transparent nature guarantees that you are a part of the process every step of the way.
We are passionate about developing your community because we understand that condominium is much more than managing your assets. Our partnerships enable us to bring residents together through the forums of social events, fitness programs, committee involvement, and much more. Our unique approach involves your owners and tenants participating and engaging with our team to create the best overall condominium experience.