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CityTowers is a leading property management company in Ontario using a specialized approach in condo management that is tailored to the specific needs of each condominium property

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    City Towers: Expert Condo Managers

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    We are an independently-owned Canadian organization servicing over 35 condominium corporations. We manage both commercial office buildings and large residential towers, totalling over 4100 suites. Our clients are our partners, and our success is proven by some of the lowest client turnovers in the industry.

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    Our Services

    Condo property management services by CityTowers in Etobicoke include:

    Financial Condominium Services

    Administrative Services

    Our comprehensive suite of administrative services ensures that your building's operations run at their optimal level. We take pride in providing monthly management reports, conducting regular board meetings, and overseeing the management of Annual General Meetings.

    Financial Condominium Services

    Financial Management

    Our skilled and certified team is fully equipped to handle the financial management of your building. From handling all financial processes to creating the Annual Operational and Reserve Fund budgets, we ensure that every aspect of your building's finances is taken care of.

    Financial Condominium Services

    Physical Assets Management

    We take charge of the majority of the operational activities in your community, encompassing a wide range of duties such as end-to-end oversight, hiring, training, and supervision of in-house personnel. Our high-qualified team ensures that the building is monitored and serviced 24/7.

    Condo Property Management in Etobicoke

    How to Choose a Right Company for Your Condominium?


    If you’re a condominium owner in Etobicoke seeking a reputable and reliable management company, you’ve come to the right place. At CityTowers, we understand the unique needs of condominium communities and are dedicated to providing exceptional services tailored to your specific requirements. With our wealth of industry knowledge and unwavering commitment to excellence, we offer comprehensive solutions to handle all aspects of your property management. From financial oversight and maintenance to resident communication and compliance, our experienced team is here to ensure the seamless operation of your condo community. Trust CityTowers for unmatched expertise and personalized care. Contact us today to elevate your condominium living experience to new heights!

    How We Work

    Our goal is to provide outstanding and customized condominium management services in Etobicoke. All you need to do is contact us!


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    What Our Clients Say
    The Fly Condominiums

    CityTowers has done a tremendous job of maintaining our building, and they have made several improvements throughout the pandemic to protect the residents in our community. Our team is thankful to be working with such incredible partners and keeping our building as one of the best places to live in the city.

    Tariq Ba’Aqeel
    Solstice Condominiums, Mississauga
    Administrative Consultant Services

    I have dealt with CityTowers for a number of years on our Board of Directors, and we have worked closely with them over this time. Throughout our relationship, they make us feel like we are a part of their team. We are advised on every decision, and we are consulted before any action is taken. We are very thankful to be in such great hands.

    Darcy Butler
    Grand Park II, Mississauga