for your condo community

We are successful in partnering with our clients and have a proven track record of the highest client retention in the industry. We work hard focusing on the future and the strategies to get there. Over the last decade, we developed Resources, People, Systems and Tools to build successful condominium communities. We believe that we have to manage your condominium community as we actually live in it. We constantly look for innovative and cost-effective approaches to put them for your service and keep budget increases to a minimum

Excellence in

Head-Office Support

It takes a team of experts behind the scenes, equipped with the right resources, tools and latest technology to provide your site manager with required support to effectively run your condominium community. CityTowers Head Office team is always available to assist our site managers in the day-to-day operations. This includes 24/7 emergency response, support in the realms of financial reporting and management, payables processing, correspondence with owners regarding charge backs, arrears collections, lien processing, payment processing, issuance of status certificates, and much more. All these matters are handled from our head office by dedicated staff which include an Account Manager, A/R & A/P clerks and Regional Director/VP Operations.
Along with the site Property Manager, CT executives are actively involved in handling high-
priority items such as: major projects, the Tarion Warranty Program, corporation insurance, tenders, legal disputes, major insurance claims and more.

Open communication

is a key to our success.

The key to our success is an on-going, open and timely communication with owners and residents. CityTowers prides itself on having the most up-to-date technology and software to be able to meet the fast -changing pace of management services. We partnered with CondoControlCentral.com to develop CityTowers Connect, an extensive condominium communication tool for all the groups of stakeholders in the condominium framework.
Equipped with the latest versions of iPhones/iPads, CityTowers managers and staff have up-to-the-minute access to current information and are able to respond to any situation quickly and efficiently. If the Board is open to the idea of communicating with owners via social groups and media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Business etc., we can help develop policies and stay actively involved. However, with all the electronic social media groups in place, we still like to communicate with owners/residents the old-fashioned way with personal touch, talking to people face to face, via phone, personal email, newsletters, regular town hall meetings and socializing, holding public community events.

Technologically Friendly

CityTowers is constantly researching and integrating the latest technology to maximize our potential as managing agents. This concerted effort to utilize the most advanced software systems for accounting, property management and community management have been vital in enabling the rapid
expansion of our portfolio.
We are tech savvy and work on both Windows and Apple based devices. Our employees are provided with individual password protected access to CT’s server located at Box.com and can access all corporation files in cross-platform anytime, anywhere. They also enjoy access to more
than 2,000 files/documents that are used as templates in the CT library.
Directors are provided with full real-time access to all the corporation files 24/7 (such as: minutes, financial reports, legal files, management and engineering reports, Reserve Fund Studies, Performance Audit files etc.,)

Intelligent Energy


With ever rising utility bills taking up to one third of our clients’ operating budget, at CT we launched an “Intelligent Energy Management Program” in every building we manage. CityTowers partnered with several energy-saving and retrofit companies to provide a top-notch energy management services to our clients. CityTowers Offers a FREE Level 2 ASHRAE Comprehensive Energy Audit that will identify every aspect that the board can consider to maximize the building’s efficiency. We are prepared bring in subject matter experts at their own expense who will assist in finding ways to lower utility costs.

Hiring and Retaining Top-Talents

To attract and retain quality staff, we take the personnel hiring process seriously and provide our employees with the tools, knowledge and skills to excel at all aspects of condominium management.
We do not believe in hiring a manager and then trying to fit them into a condominium. Our policy is to hire the manager once a contract is awarded. The hiring process will start by listening to what you have to say, understanding your community and your expectations.
We ensure our managers to stay and work hard to keep the client that hired them happy. CT has procedures and guidelines in place to select and train property managers. We also have an annual evaluation of managers before salary increases. In the rare case that the Board is not satisfied with an on-site manager or assistant property manager, the Board is encouraged to communicate their concern directly to senior management. We will immediately handle and correct the situation based on the Board’s input. If corrective measures do not help, the Board may request that we replace the site manager. Over the past 12 years we have not had a single case when a Board of directors has requested the removal of a site manager because of her/his poor performance or any other rea-

Licensing and Continuing Education

All our property managers are licensed as per CAO and
CMRAO requirements. We are proud to have on Board many
great managers with General Licenses. It’s our policy to reimburse our managers’ costs to obtain the required license. Not only do we support licensing, we provide our staff with professional development opportunities. We have regular monthly staff meetings and we bring guest speakers who impart the latest wisdom on new legislation, property maintenance, legal insurance, finances, auditing matters and more. We also regularly hold educational seminars for our Directors.

Financial Control

is a vital ingredient

CityTowers views the financial aspects of its management program to be a vital ingredient in properly managing your real estate asset.
CityTowers utilizes a Canadian based financial management software called “CondoManager”. It is inconstantly upgraded to meet ongoing needs and changes. This software comes from a wholly Canadian owned and operated software company specializing in condominium management.
We provide monthly financial statements both in hard copy and paper copy to all Directors. All copies are archived electronically and available for e-access 24/7 on-line. There are no additional fees to
the Corporation for debt collection. In accordance with the Condominium Act all reasonable costs to collect are paid by the unit owner in arrears. There are no additional fees to the Corporation for any such services.
Unlike other management companies, when it comes to banking, we do not operate “umbrella accounts”. Instead, we service your corporation at the bank. We pride ourselves on always having “clean and unqualified” Financial Audits with the major auditing companies in the GTA. Don’t take our word for it, ask us for references from the independent auditors that regularly check out our books on the quality of our accounting.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance for condominiums is key to long-term financial success. Our managers do
monthly property inspections, provide a report with all maintenance-related issues and make recommendations to the Board. We compile or obtain a comprehensive list of all the HVAC, fire safety, plumbing, electrical, elevating, security equipment located at your property and make sure that a clear and comprehensive maintenance plan is in place for each piece of equipment. Management prepares an annual planning guide and follows it. We have in place and update each season winterization and summarization plans for each property. We go “the extra mile” to prepare ourselves and your in-house staff for emergency situations by putting together customized instructions on how to handle floods in each high-rise we manage. This plan includes a chart of risers to assist any staff member in locating the correct valve and closing it before the plumber arrives on site.

True Transparency

Unlike other companies, we don’t have any affiliation with and have no conflict of interest when bringing contractors to your property. That help us always look for and find the best deal for your hard earned money and make sure the contractor do not cut corners and perform well. We don’t use contractors’ contracts and use our own templates for all types of contracts making sure that they are condominium-friendly and protect condominium boards and management.

Community Development

We are strong at Community Development. We do understand that it is not only building assets we manage, primarily we manage condominium communities. We develop a condominium community by bringing its residents together for social events, fitness programs and involving them to work in committees and much more.